Floor Not Level, Unlevel/Uneven Floor Door Installation

Floor Not Level, Unlevel/Uneven Floor Door Installation

Floor Not Level, Unlevel/Uneven Floor Door Installation


I’m setting a pre-hung interior wood door on an existing concrete slab in a basement. The slab is all over the place and floor not level. Other than leveling the slab, which isn’t an option, what is the best way to set the door so the head is level, cut the jamb on the high end or shim it on the low end? Haven’t taken a measurement yet, but could be a difference in elevation of 1/2″. I have 1 1/2″ clearance from the BO door to the BO jambs. Haven’t checked the clearance on the swing yet, but should be there if I only cut off 1/2″ from the jamb.

If the finished floor is already installed:

Floor not level? If the finished floor is already installed, the jamb legs may need to be cut to achieve the correct reveal around the door. Using a level and a shim, figure out if there is a difference in height across the width of the opening. If the floor is level, trim the jam so that the door will clear the finished floor by about 1/2″. If the floor is out of level, trim that much more off the jamb on the high side.

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Attaching Wood Wall to Concrete Floor

Attaching Wood Wall to Concrete Floor or Foundation

Attaching wood wall to concrete floor or foundation. Bob Schmidt shows you how to attach a wall to a concrete floor. This often comes up during a basement remodeling or finishing project. If your building a new wall in your basement you will need to attach that wall to the floor. However that floor is most likely going to be concrete and nailing is simply not going to do it. Attaching wall to concrete floor is easy when you know how. The following video instructions will show the attaching of walls to concrete flooring or foundation. In the video Bob Schmidt will show the method of attaching the walls by means of drilling into the concrete.

Other methods also exists that do not involve drilling. See video instruction of proper attaching wall to concrete floor.

Other options for attaching wood wall to concrete floor

Other Available options for Attaching Wood Wall to Concrete Floor

Walls can also be attached by using a Ramset and Ramset nails. Available at most home improvement centers for roughly $15. Start by applying liquid nail to the bottom of the board then use the Ramset to fire (uses 22 rounds to assist) the attaching nails through the board and into the concrete.


Other available options can be seen at http://www.askmehelpdesk.com/construction/how-can-you-attach-wood-wall-concrete-floor-153011.html

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