Removing Old Door

Removing Old Door

The following instructions are for the removing old door and door jamb. Follow this step-by-step guide for proper door replacement.

removing old door

Step 1:

Remove the Door Pins

Using a hammer and a flat head screw driver or chisel, tap at the joint where the head of the pin and the top edge of the hinge meet. Tap the ping upward until it pops out. Do this on all the hinges, usually 2 to 4 of them. You may want to shim between the bottom of the door and the floor. Placing something under the door will take pressure off the hinge pins and will make them easier to remove.

Step 2:

Lift the Door off the Hinges

Using both hands, lift the door out of the hinges removing old door. Hint: make sure the door does not tip and whack you in the head (know from personal experience). Now, this is where you have to either choose to patch and repair the door or discard it.


Step 3:

Remove the Casing (Trim) from around the Door Frame

Using the claw side of a hammer, pry up the old trim from both the front and back sides of the door and discard. The trim is simply finish nailed on and should come up fairly easy. Be careful to not damage the drywall when prying up the trim. Otherwise, you will need to patch and repair the drywall before installing the new door.


Step 4:

Remove the Door Jamb (Frame)

Now that the trim has been removed, looking between the door jamb (door frame) and the wall, you will see the shims. Using a hacksaw or a sawzall (preferred) cut through the nails where the shims meet the wall stud. There will usually be around 6 locations that you will need to cut through. The door jamb (frame) can now be removed and discarded. That’s it!

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