Reinforcing Large Heavy Doors

If the door being installed is Very Heavy and/or Very Large, you may want to consider one or more of these additional installation steps for added support. Reinforcing large heavy doors

1. Install 3 Long Hinge Screws (Pro Builder Preferred Method)
Remove the center screw from each of the hinges where they attach to the door jamb/frame. These screws are usually only 1/2″ long. Replace these 3 short hinge screws with longer screws that will reach all the way into the wall stud (about 2″ or longer). The Quick Door Hanger brackets have a clearance hole for the screw to go through if the brackets where placed directly behind the hinges. This will greatly increase the strength of the door installation. NOTE: Make sure when screwing in the 3 long screws that you do not tighten to much or it will begin to pull the door jamb in toward the wall. To prevent this pulling in of the jamb, you can place shims or a piece of wood between the door jamb and the wall stud where the screw will go through. These longer screws can be purchase in the screw aisle of your local store (usually in packs of 2 0r 3 screws). For consistency, try to purchase screws with the same finish (color) as your old screws.


2. Use additional Quick Door Hanger Brackets
When installing very large doors, additional brackets are often used by builders. The addition of an extra pack of brackets will add the additional support that is often needed during the installation of very tall doors. 8′ or greater doors usually will have a 4th hinge instead of simply 3. On these tall doors, you will want to add a door installation bracket behind this 4th hinge as well as the other 3. On very wide doors, such as an entry door with a sidelight or a double or French door, extra brackets should be used along the top of the door to properly secure it in place.


3. Shimming Doors
If the door being installed is a very large or is a very heavy door, reinforcement may be desired. If it is desired to reinforce the door with shims, shim the top of the door, shim just above or below the latch stop, and shim as close as possible to the hinges. NOTE: If you decide to install shims, you will need to nail through the door jamb, through the shims, and into the wall stud using finishing nails. You will then need to patch the nail holes.