Product Support

Product Support

Contact product support online by filling out the contact form below, or feel free to use the information below to contact us if you can’t email the info. Business hours are 9am – 5pm Eastern Time, Monday thru Friday. Please view the Frequently Asked Questions below before contacting us. Anything else, contact us and we’ll walk you through your installation!

Express Products, Inc.

(616) 532 - 4906

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Some New England states, AR, AL, GA, KY, LA, NC, SC, TN and half of Florida. Unfortunately many stores in the New England states, Georgia and half of Florida do not carry the product in stock. You’re in an area where the home depots carry what is known as a split-jamb pre-hung door. There are a few areas of the country that carry these types of doors, as opposed to the more traditionally found Flat-jamb pre-hung doors. On these split-jamb doors, our product works however you will need to remove the factory pre-applied trim/casing that is attached to the door. Usually stapled on. The reason Home Depots in your area don’t carry our product is because of this extra step of removing the pre-applied door trim. We do have 1000's of customers that use our product on these types of doors and are working on stocking these locations. In the meantime, the product can be ordered through They are usually very good about shipping the product the same day it's ordered. The product ships out of Maryland, so it can arrive as early as next day for most of you. We are working on improving this. Sorry again for your inconvenience.

     More About Split Jamb Doors

  • Yes, the Quick Door Hanger is available in Canada. It can be purchased at all Home Depot locations. The product can be found in the interior door aisle! Look for our orange colored English/French packaging.

  • Our famous Interior Door Brackets work great on Exterior Doors! There is just one extra step involved for exterior door application. Visit the 'Instructions' tab at the top of the page and click on Exterior door to view the step-by-step guide.

  • The Quick Door Hanger works great on Double/French doors. View the 'Instructions' tab at the top of the page to see our step-by-step double door installation guide.

  • Yes, the brackets stay on the door. You simply nail your door casing (trim) directly over top of the brackets as if they where not there.

  • No.  Most casing (trim) has a milled out back side. This milled out area gives perfect room for the bracket. Even on casing without this milled out area, the brackets will still not interfere with the trim. You will actually see that when you screw the bracket to the wall that it will slightly pull into the drywall.  The 2 tabs that rest the bracket on the door jamb are also 'coined' very thin, roughly only 12 thousands of an inch. The trim will sit perfectly flat as though the brackets aren't even there!

  • The Quick Door Hanger works great on heavy solid core doors! On very heavy solid core doors, we recommend removing the center hinge screws from the hinges on the door frame and replacing them with 2'' or longer screws for extra support. The patented bracket has a clearance hole designed specifically for this extra step of reinforcement. Click Here to View the video!

  • 1 kit contains 6 brackets and all the screws necessary for one complete door installation. 10 Door bulk boxes are also available.

  • Thank you for the interest in our product. Sorry, currently we do not have a supplier in Europe or Australia and we do not currently ship to Europe or Australia. We are currently working with local retailers in your areas and will update you as soon as the logistics have been completed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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