Installing Slab Door (Non Pre-hung) & Door Frame

Installing Slab Door and Frame

Instructions for installing a slab door and door frame. The following video will show how to install a slab door, or a door that is not pre-hung. A slab door can be very difficult to install when compared to a pre-hung door installation. Most people will purchase a pre-hung door to install instead of trying to cut the hinges out and match them with an existing door frame. However, the following instructions will guide you through this hard process of installing a slab door and door frame/jamb. The following installation uses the Quick Door Hanger Kit that is available at most Home Depot locations!

If installing just a new slab door and not a new frame, click here.

Coolest Thing!

Coolest Thing!

“The coolest thing in this whole place (Builder’s Expo) was that door jamb thing…”

John Palanca
Shown on DIY Network "Under Construction"

Watch this Pre-Hung Door Installation

For additional information on, we strongly recommend watching this pre-hung door installation video as well as the video above.

Installing Slab Door (non pre-hung) and Installing a Door Frame

Creating an Alignment Aid on the Drywall

Working with the rough door opening, determine what side of the opening the hinges will be on. Working on this side of the rough door opening, make a mark about 1/2' in from the rough opening. Using a 4' or 6' level, place the level on the 1/2' mark and draw a perfectly level line all the way down the drywall. Recheck that this drawn line is perfectly level, the installation will be based off of this line.

Door Frame Assembly

Using the proper door size measurements, assemble the door frame (jamb). If needed, router in the clearances for the door hinges in the proper locations.  A chisel will also work however, a router is the best method. 

Screw Brackets to the Door Jamb

Screw all 6 (or more) brackets to the door jamb. Place 1 behind each of the future hinges. Then Screw the remaining brackets to the other side of the jamb, the first 8'' from the top of the door. The second, just above the latch stop and the third door bracket about 6'' up from the bottom of the door.

Installing the Door Frame

Before placing the door into the opening, place 1/2'' blocks under the door jamb if carpet is going to be installed or 1/4'' if laminate; never place the door jamb directly onto an unfinished floor. Then place the door jamb into the rough door opening. On the hinge side of the jamb, screw in the top installation bracket. Take note of which alignment notch on the bracket the drawn level line goes through. Now fasten the next 2 brackets using the same reference notch as the first. The door frame will now be perfectly level on the hinge side. Do NOT fasten the brackets on the other side of the door until a later step.

Attach the Hinges to the Slab Door

Attach the hinges to the slab door that is being installed. If the non pre-hung door does not have the hing locations already recessed into the door, properly mark the hinge locations then router out the clearance. The hinges can now be installed onto the slab door. 

Installing Slab Door

Place the door into the door frame. You may need some help holding the door during this step. With the door centered within the door frame, carefully screw the slab door hinges into the recessed hinge locations on the door frame/jamb. Screw all the hinges to door frame.

Adjusting the Slab Door and Frame Installation

Now screw in the brackets opposite the hinges. Start by checking the spacing between the door and the door frame on the top of the door all the way around to the first top bracket. Make sure the spacing is consistent, then screw in the bracket. Now keep this same spacing/gap as you move down the door and fasten the final brackets. The Door is now installed and the blocks can be removed from under the door jamb (if used on unfinished floor). 

Additional Support and Casing the Double Door

You may want to strengthen the installation if the door is very heavy. Remove the center screws from each of the hinges. Replace these small 1/2'' hinge frame screws with a 2'' or longer screw. This new long screw will go through the hinge, pass through the clearance hole on the brackets, and will anchor into the wall stud. To prevent the accidental pulling in of the jamb by over-tightening during the placement of these screws, you should place shims or a piece of wood between the door frame and the wall stud where the screw will go through. 

The door casing (trim) can now be installed. Using finishing nails, nail on the door casing to complete the installation. The brackets will not interfere with the trim at all. The door casing will perfectly conceal the door installation brackets, completing the slab door and frame installation process.

Quick Door Hanger

Quick Door Hanger

This makes hanging a door a very simple operation. pretty much goof proof if you follow the directions. Have used these to hang probably 30 doors or more and once you use them you’ll never go back to the old shim way.

Brutis from Springfield, OH

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