Home Remodeling Tips

See home remodeling tips for building walls, hanging doors, finishing off an unfinished basement and more. Easy to follow video directions for projects.

Framing a Door Rough Opening

Framing a Door Rough Opening Framing a rough door opening. See video on how to properly frame in a door opening. Accurate door framing is the key to easy door installation. Watch the video above on how to measure a door and how to frame in the rough wall opening to allow for proper clearances. You will also(…)

More about Building Walls

Building Straight Walls

Building Straight Walls Bob Schmidt shows you some simple tips and techniques for building straight walls while doing basic framing in your home remodel project. The walls are laid out on the floor by looking at the plans to verify the wall locations. Mark the floor at each end of the wall. Measure over the thickness(…)

Framing 16 inch on Center Walls

Framing 16 inch on Center Walls Framing 16 inch on Center Walls. Bob Schmidt shows you how and why to lay-out a wall during construction to a standard 16 inch on center lay-out. When laying out a top and bottom plate for a typical wall a framing square is usually the most appropriate tool. To begin,(…)

Build Perfectly Plumb Walls

Build Perfectly Plumb Walls See how to build perfectly plumb walls. View video on the planning and installation of walls that are perfectly level. When building a wall, it is necessary to make the wall as perfectly plumb as possible in order to have professional looking walls. Bob Schmidt shows you a simple and inexpensive tool(…)

Attaching Wood Wall to Concrete Floor

Attaching Wood Wall to Concrete Floor or Foundation Attaching wood wall to concrete floor or foundation. Bob Schmidt shows you how to attach a wall to a concrete floor. This often comes up during a basement remodeling or finishing project. If your building a new wall in your basement you will need to attach that wall to the floor. However that(…)

Basement Framing Design Layout

Click Here to Watch PART 2 Basement Framing Design Layout Basement Framing Design Layout part 1. Bob Schmidt shows you how to layout basement walls to have them straight, square and plumb. See video on how to layout your walls for professional framing. View the video above for a guide to building walls. Finishing your basement(…)

Home Remodeling Tips

Cutting Baseboard Outside Corner

Cutting Baseboard Outside Corners Cutting baseboard outside corner. See video how to cut perfect baseboard outside corners. Match up corners perfectly for very sharp clean looking trim. It should be easy, right? Just measure the boards, cut the miters, and nail the trim in place. Well, not exactly. If you’ve ever tried to install baseboard(…)

Baseboard Inside Corner

Baseboard Inside Corner See how to cut perfect baseboard inside corners. Match up corners perfectly for very sharp clean looking trim. When you lay baseboard against a wall and see gaps between the top of the trim and the drywall, it’s usually because of a misaligned stud or a built-up ridge of taping compound over a(…)

Touching Up Trim

Touching Up Trim Instructions for how to prepare stained trim for installation and touch-up. After stained trim or door casing has been installed, see how to properly touch-up the wood for a perfect looking finish. If the stain was applied over a finish like varnish or polyurethane, the stain is sitting on top of the finish,(…)

Patching Nail Holes

Patching Nail Holes Learn tips for patching nail holes in trim and how to caulk your wood trim molding before painting. Give your doors a professional look by fixing holes and cracks in your door casing and door jamb. See how to fix door jamb nail holes. Patching helps to strengthen surfaces that have been damaged(…)

Choosing Finish Nails for Trim

Choosing Finish Nails for Trim Choosing finish nails for trim on your project. View this video guide on how to choose the correct trim nails for your application. Good trim nailing is an important part of professional looking door installations. See the basics on how to use trim nails on some of the most common(…)

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