Framing a Door Rough Opening

Framing a Door Rough Opening

Framing a rough door opening. See video on how to properly frame in a door opening. Accurate door framing is the key to easy door installation. Watch the video above on how to measure a door and how to frame in the rough wall opening to allow for proper clearances. You will also see how to work with a floor that is not level.

The single most important part of framing/building a wall is the rough door framing. When building the rough opening there are 2 critical dimensions, the height and the width. Both of these dimensions have to be larger than the actual door that is being installed. Lets say that you are installing a pre-hung interior door that is the standard 80″ tall and 32″ wide. Note: the width of the door is only measured by the door (it does not include the door jamb/frame). That means that when you build your rough door opening that the width of the opening between the jack studs needs to be 34″ and the height of the door between the floor and the header needs to be 82″. This extra space will leave approximately 1/2″ room to adjust the door to perfectly plumb and level.

See video instruction of properly framing.

Framing a Door Rough Opening Diagram and Terms

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