Easy Door Hanging

Easy Door Hanging

Easy door hanging system for everyone! Beginners to professionals. The Quick Door Hanger is an easy to use bracket system for installing doors without shims in minutes! With no shimming required, doors can literally be installed in as little as 4 minutes by the first time door installer.  Best of all, this amazing easy door hanging system is roughly the same cost as a pack of shims!  Available at most Home Depot locations, click for details!

#1 Selling Product on HomeDepot.com!

Benefits of an Easy Door Hanging System

  • No Shimming Required. Up to 5x faster than shims!
  • Install doors plumb & level, with easy adjustment for professional results!
  • Zero nailing through the door jamb/frame, so no nail holes to patch after install!
  • Door casing completely conceals clips, zero interference with trim!

Patented Easy-to-Use Door Hanging Brackets

quick door hanger bracket adjustment screw hole

quick door hanger bracket reference notches

quick door hanger bracket alignment tabs

quick door hanger bracket longe hinge screw clearance hole

Adjustment Screw Hole

Allows for easy adjustment for perfect, professionally installed doors!

Reference Notches

Easy to see notches for perfectly aligning the brackets to the drawn ''Level/Plumb Line'' on the wall. Ensures a perfectly level installation!

Quick Alignment Tabs

Aligns installation bracket perfectly flush to the door jamb/frame, ensuring perfect bracket placement!

Clearance Hole

When lined up directly behind the center hinge screws, allows for the removal of small hinge frame screws to be replaced with long set screws to reinforce the installation if heavy or solid-core!

3 Easy Step Installation Instructions!

Watch Instructions

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