Cutting Baseboard Outside Corner

Cutting Baseboard Outside Corners

Cutting baseboard outside corner. See video how to cut perfect baseboard outside corners. Match up corners perfectly for very sharp clean looking trim.

It should be easy, right? Just measure the boards, cut the miters, and nail the trim in place. Well, not exactly.

If you’ve ever tried to install baseboard on your own, then you would probably agree that looks can be deceiving. All too often a DIY baseboard installation is compromised by gaps or ill-fitting joints, resulting from walls that aren’t flat, floors that aren’t level, or corners that aren’t square.

Inside corners can be especially tricky to pull off. For a tight fit, use a coped joint. A mitered corner might be ideal for an outside corner, but an inside corner joint will be better formed if you cope the profile of one baseboard to fit snugly against the contours of its mate. 

cutting baseboard outside corner

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