• As seen on DIY network!

      As seen on DIY network!

      Works on Hollow-Core and heavy Solid-Core doors. Works on both Single and Double/French doors! Was featured on DIY network as a professional builders product!
    • 100's of 5 Star Reviews!

      100's of 5 Star Reviews!

      Rated the #1 new product for DIY's! Works so well that professional builders are the main buyers of this product!

      installing a door

    • Available at Home Depot!

      Available at Home Depot!

      Available at most Home Depot locations for roughly the cost of a pack of shims, also online at HomeDepot.com!

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Double Door Install

Interior Door Install

Customer Reviews of the Month

If I only knew….WOW!

If I only knew….WOW!

I have remodeled a ton of basements and bathrooms, moved walls, dry-walled, refinished wood floors, electrical and everything else in between. Of any product I have used in over 35 years your product wins the Gold Medal. Hanging doors is not fun, pre-hung doors included. I will NEVER not use your product. It made hanging a solid door in a very high traffic area an absolute breeze. The adjustment feature enabled me to fine tune the leveling process so the door hangs exactly level. Congratulations and many thanks for providing such a wonderful product.

I've Hung Doors Before

Best Invention Ever!

Best Invention Ever!

This is the invention of the century. It literally took me more time to watch the video than the install.
Cost, speed, clarity. It’s all there. Extra screws are also provide which is an important plus.
Awesome product! Well done!!

DIY - Homeowner

Wonderful and Super Easy to Use Product!

Wonderful and Super Easy to Use Product!

After trying to hang an interior door in a very un-square opening I Googled – “easy to hang door” and found this product. I figured it had to be too good to be true but for the price couldn’t pass it up. I am so glad I took the chance. This product is super easy. It took less than 30 minutes to hang the door and it looks like a professional did it. Instructions are easy (just be sure to read and understand them before starting). Any time I need to hang an interior door I will use this product. To whom ever invented this – thank you. You saved me so much stress (and likely money)!

Mantissa from Austin, TX
Home Depot Customer Review

Installed 160 Doors with 2 Guys in 2 Days!

Installed 160 Doors with 2 Guys in 2 Days!

“We installed 160 (heavy solid-core) doors with two guys in two days!  Prior to the Quick Door Hanger bracket, we did 12 doors a day.”

Contractor Company, Grand Rapids, MI
Professional Trimmer (builder)

Read our Latest News

  • Featured in BuilderNews Magazine!

    Featured in BuilderNews Magazine!

    Featured in BuilderNews magazine. Builders and trimmers can cut the time it takes to hang a door by more than half and save hours adjusting doors for out-of-plumb or odd-sized openings, says Express Products Inc., manufacturers of the Quick Door Hanger fastener. The Quick Door Hanger also allows an installer to work with odd-sized roughed-in(…)

  • Product Innovation Finalist!

    Product Innovation Finalist!

    Product innovation finalist. Express Products was a finalist in the Innovation Michigan 2008 awards hosted by the Business Review. Express Products was picked along with 35 other companies for their ongoing innovation. Over 1,000 companies were looked at based on the recommendation from individuals or corporations. The innovation that they brought to the marketplace is(…)

  • Habitat for Humanity!

    Habitat for Humanity!

    Express Products has been working with area Habitat for Humanities and they are thrilled and amazed that anyone can now install an interior door. The Quick Door Hanger has made it extremely easy for volunteers to install interior doors. Check out what a couple of project managers have said: “Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity has been(…)

  • Trustile Doors Partnership (recently WoodHarbor Doors & Cabinetry)

    Trustile Doors Partnership (recently WoodHarbor Doors & Cabinetry)

    Express Products is proud to announce a new partnership with Woodharbor Doors & Cabinetry. The Quick Door Hanger can be ordered with the purchase of doors from Woodharbor. Woodharbor is committed to new technologies in the marketplace and feels The Quick Door Hanger is the easiest and quickest way to install an interior door.

  • DIY Network!

    DIY Network!

    The Quick Door Hanger Debuts on Under Construction, shown on the DIY Network! “John showed how to hang a door with The Quick Door Hanger on Episode DUNC-310 “Controlled Chaos””

  • New Product!

    New Product!

    NEW PRODUCT! Express Products is proud to announce a new product for fixing kinked garden hoses! FIX-A-KINK. Eliminate kinked garden hoses for good. Available at over 262+ retail locations! Coming soon to 1000s more!

  • Press Release!

    Press Release!

    Press release. View The Quick Door Hanger’s latest PRESS RELEASE!!! New release from PRWEB talks about the rising success of the easiest and fastest door installation possible. See why The Quick Door Hanger is America’s #1 Door Installation Bracket. http://www.prweb.com/releases/2011/6/prweb8577224.htm

  • Now Exterior Doors!

    Now Exterior Doors!

    Now exterior doors! The Quick Door Hanger bracket is now for EXTERIOR DOORS! Customers can now enjoy the same quick and easy installation as interior doors. View are easy and quick instructions for exterior entry door installation. Using the same brackets that are for interior doors, exterior doors can now be hung using the interior(…)

  • Now for Doors, Windows, Extension Jambs!

    Now for Doors, Windows, Extension Jambs!

    The Quick Door Hanger can now be used on Interior/Exterior Doors, as well as on Windows and Extension Jambs!!! The best installation bracket on the market!

  • What is the Quick Door Hanger bracket?

    What is the Quick Door Hanger bracket?

    Product Description: What is the Quick Door Hanger? This installation kit for the same cost as a pack of shims, contains a unique patented bracket system used for the easy and hassle-free installation of pre-hung interior/exterior doors. Using this quick, fail-proof system, doors can be installed accurately in as little as 5 minutes without the(…)


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